Genesis 12; 15; 22
Romans 4:1-5, 16

Abraham left Ur, all the future he knew,  and came to the promised land. He passed the test when God told him later to sacrifice his son, Isaac (who would be saved at the last second by the appearing of a ram). He was told that he would be the father of many nations and eventually the Apostle Paul would call him "the father of the faithful." That is a pretty incredible resume!

But Jesus is better. He left a perfect heaven and came to a cursed earth. He passed His test by being the son who was sacrificed. He is more than a patriarch of many nations. Jesus is the King of Kings over all nations. He is more than an earthly father of the faithful. He IS the faithful son of the heavenly Father and intercedes for all who believe in Him. We don’t need a resume like Abraham’s in order to be loved and accepted by God.  In fact, it wasn’t Abraham’s resume that made him right before God.  The truth is that our resumes could never be good enough.  Scripture says that it was because Abraham believed God that God counted him as righteous.  We don’t need Abraham’s resume because when we believe in Christ we are given Christ’s perfect resume.  Just like that!  Through faith in Christ God simply gives us the righteousness that Christ earned and because of this He is pleased with us forever!  Let this reality fuel you towards loving obedience and good works.