Genesis 1-3                      

The first man created was perfect in every way since sin was absent and the curse was not yet upon the earth. Even common sense would dictate perfection knowing that God made Adam to be His image bearer on earth. That is note worthy since every human being would be coming from Adam's lineage. Let's keep going.

Adam was given the privilege of doing life and work with God and he enjoyed it.  Then God blessed him with a help-meet, Eve. Together, they enjoyed doing life and work with God. Then one day their perfect life came crumbling down. 

Adam stood nearby and watched his wife get beguiled by the serpent, satan. Why didn't Adam step in and run the garden intruder off? And of all things, why did he follow his wife in disobeying God by eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Hadn't God given them everything they needed in beauty, and fellowship, and abundance, and especially love and significance? Adam knew better than to fall for the serpent's lies about God.  He and Eve both did. But as we all know too well, sin and satan crouched at their door looking for the perfect time to convince them that there was something better for them and that God was keeping something from them.  It was in that moment that they decided to try to take control of their lives and do things their way.

So the wages of sin was death...physical and spiritual.  Separation from God, the garden, and true love for one another came crashing in rather than the joy and happiness that had been promised. What a sad ending for such a happy story. Why couldn't something better have happened?

It did. Or said another way, JESUS did....the second Adam...but so much better, infinitely better. Where Adam fell to temptation, Jesus resisted it. Where Adam forgot God, Jesus' ambition was all about pleasing God. Where Adam failed his bride, Jesus gave his life away to protect his. Where Adam was defeated by satan, Jesus took on satan, his demons, and death and won the day and eternal life at the cross and the empty tomb for you and me.

Adam, Eve, the garden...where are they now? Restored and made new in heaven with Jesus...O victory in much better.