The book of Ruth

The book of Ruth in the Old Testament is the story of how God blessed a young Gentile woman whose Jewish husband had died. She was left hopelessly with her poor mother in law and no good future ahead. Her mother in law suggested that they move back to Judea..."maybe her family and friends there might help." Therein  Boaz, a godly family member steps in to save the women from starvation and destitution. In an act of great love and self sacrifice, Boaz courts Ruth and proposes marriage. She accepts and together they make a home that includes caring for Ruth's mother in law.

Boaz was good, kind, and generous. But Jesus is better. Boaz lifted two women out of a lifetime of despair, but Jesus has lifted countless men, women, and children out of hopelessness for all eternity. Boaz was worthy of honorable mention in scripture.  Indeed he is a great example of character, love, and commitment for us to follow.  The greatest thing for us to take from this story, however, is that we are “Ruth” completely helpless and hopeless in need of rescue.  Jesus is the ultimate Boaz! Because of all that Jesus has done and accomplished for us He is worthy of our worship and not just our imitation.