Daniel 6

The Bible tells us that a faith-filled Daniel was tempted to worship the Medo-Persian king, Darius. Daniel was told that if he didn't bow in worship of King Darius then he would be thrown into a lions' den to be ravaged by the beasts. Here is where it gets inspiring. Daniel refused to worship Darius and submitted himself to the guards who threw him into the deadly pit. Instead of being killed by the lions, an angel caused the mouths of the lions to be shut and their desire for Daniel to be subdued. So God rescued the faithful Daniel. Don't you like it when the good guy wins?

Now that is a story to remember. But let me share an even better one.

Jesus Christ was led into the desert by the Spirit of God. There, a faith-filled Jesus was tempted to worship the devil. The devil promised Jesus all kinds of wealth and high position on the earth if Jesus would only worship him. Jesus rejected satan's offer and told him that he would worship and do the will of only One...his Father in heaven. Three years later, Jesus is tempted again. This time, Jesus was threatened to be crucified unless he recanted his confession of being Lord and profess that Caesar was. Jesus was silent and submitted himself to the guards that would torture and murder him on a cross. 

This story has no angel sent by God to shut the mouths of the mockers and rescue Jesus from this wicked crime. You say, "The good guy didn't win this one." Oh but he did. Jesus used the devil and his evil works to beat the devil and destroy his evil works toward God's image bearers. Jesus' mission was always about his death on a cross...a death that would pay for the sins of all those who would believe in him...a death that would purchase a place in heaven that human beings could never purchase for themselves. Now this is a story to remember. Daniel? Well, his story was a good one. But Jesus...his is so much better.