The book of Esther

Esther, the Jewish Queen of a Persian King foiled the murder of her uncle Mordecai by political climber, Haman.  She also foiled the edict signed by her husband, King Ahaserus, for the murders of every Jew in the Persian empire. She was scared but she stood in the gap for her family and her nation at the risk of her position and her very life. God honored Esther and she is a great example of loyalty and courage to all of us.

But Jesus is better.  Esther, indeed, was a hero. She put herself in harm's wayfor her family and friends. The Jewish people established a yearly festival in her honor because of her heroic deeds. But Jesus is still better and I for one am eternally glad that He is. You see, if Jesus had only given himself away for his friends and family, I would have missed out. For scripture identifies the unbeliever as Christ's enemy. I was Christ's enemy...but he loved me, chose me, and died for me anyway.  That makes Jesus my hero and i don't just throw a party for him once a year.  By his power, his grace, I worship him everyday.  It is because I, a former enemy, have been reconciled to God because of Jesus’ life death and resurrection that I can seek to love even those who won’t love me back.