The book of Ezra
Exodus 3; 14
John 1

Ezra was a faithful Aaronic priest during the reign of Artexerxes of Persia.  King Artexerxes (evil as any pagan king) moved by the Lord of heaven and earth, sent Ezra to Jerusalem to teach 42,000 Israelites the words of God. This sounds strange and great at the same time, but God has done other strange and mighty things to get his redeeming and loving word out.

God planted a burning bush in the Midian desert in order to get Moses' attention and send him back to Pharoah with the words of heaven.  Remember when God held back the entire Egyptian army with a fiery whirlwind while He parted the Red Sea and escorted a million Israelites across to safety?  God using evil kings for good...burning bushes for pulpits...and firestorms for warnings were all amazing. It's hard to imagine anything more amazing for getting God's words of life to people who need it. But there is!

God sent His perfect son, Jesus, to earth, to get His saving and living word out. Being divine, Jesus is better than any earthly prophet, priest, or king. Being the very essence of the glory of God, Jesus is better than any burning bush.  Being the very power of God incarnate, Jesus is better than whirlwinds and raging storms when it comes to warning people to get their spiritual houses in order.  To trump all the above illustrations of how much better Jesus is for getting the powerful and life giving word out we consider his name given to us in John 1…”The Word”.  Jesus didn’t have a special message from God.  Jesus was and is and forever will be THE message from God, THE way to God, and THE image of God.  In short…God with us.