1 Samuel 18

Jonathan and Jesus...Both were sons of royalty. Jonathan was the son of King Saul. Jesus was and is the Son of God. Jonathan's father was afraid that he would lose his throne. Jesus' Father shared the throne of heaven with his son and Jesus glorified his Father by yielding his crown and authority back to him.

Both were intercessors. Jonathan stood in the gap between his jealous father and David who was the perceived threat to Saul's kingdom.  Jesus stands at the right hand of his just, righteous, and loving father as our advocate against the accusations of satan. Jonathan was a great help to David.  Jesus helps his followers by praying that the Father will keep them from evil, pour the fresh oil of the Spirit's presence and power upon them, and know how much he wants his disciples to be in heaven with him (John 17). Both Jonathan and Jesus shared some similar characteristics, but if the previous differences between the two are not convincing enough then the following virtue certainly proves Jesus better.

Both Jonathan and Jesus were friends to others. Jonathan befriended godly David. Jesus befriended sinners. Jonathan shared the secrets of his father with David for his safety which was very commendable. Jesus, before going to the cross would call his disciples friends and preceded to share with them the mysteries of the Kingdom of God.  Jesus calls us friends and co-heirs to the riches and inheritance of the glorious Kingdom of God.  Jonathan was a good friend, but Jesus was more than a good friend.  He is our loving savior, our gracious redeemer, and our righteous King. Now that, to me, is extremely better! Thanks, Lord.