“Psalms”, which derives from the greek word for praise, are songs and poems from the regenerated heart of one (or many) who loves the Lord.  What makes this collection so compelling for us is that they include fervent supplications to the Hearer of prayer, celebrations of the Lord’s perfections and works, the declarations of love to God and trust in Him, as well as the struggle with unbelief and corruption.  The writer opens up about mourning under the divine chastisement on account of sin and yet on other occasions rejoicing over the endless mercy of God enjoying the peace that passes all understanding.  Although “the Psalms” provide much insight and wisdom, it would be a failure to meditate upon them without seeing the way they point so beautifully to the coming Savior.  The Psalms are a gracious invitation for us to walk deeply with the Lord.

June 4

Who Is The Man?

Psalm 1

June 11

King of kings

Psalm 2

June 18

Save Me, O My God

Psalm 3

June 25

The Way Of Brokenness

Psalm 4

July 2

The Love Of An Angry God

Psalm 5

July 9

Not A Wasted Tear

Psalm 6

July 16

A Song Of Betrayal

Psalm 7

July 23

Fool's Praise

Psalm 8

July 30

Let Not Man Prevail!

Psalm 9