There may not be a greater picture of the reality of the heart of God than that of the family.  It is within the family that we experience everything from the purest of joy to the deepest of sorrow.  There is no greater freedom for truth and love and vulnerability than within the confines of the family.  Family is the gift of strength as well as rest, wisdom as well as compassion, and predictability as well as wonder.   After all else has changed and faded, the family remains.  Perhaps this is why God chose to identify Himself as father and relate to us as children.  We are His people and He calls us to see each other as brothers and sisters.  With Christ and His gospel as the ultimate tie that binds us we want to look at a few of the uncelebrated aspects of family that make it so redemptive.

May 7


Matthew 18:1-6

May 14


Matthew 18:7-9

May 21


Matthew 18:10-20

May 28


Matthew 18:21-35