Online Journals

The following is a series of writings from our pastors and staff that serve for the purpose of encouragement and training.


Jesus Is Better

In the Christmas season, it is our hope that we could set aside some time to intentionally “see Jesus”.  In a time with so many distractions we want to offer an opportunity to get around the Word of God individually or as a family and catch a glimpse of Jesus in, perhaps, a way you have never seen or considered before.

by Jim McCracken, 2016

Back To School

A series of devotionals that focus on getting back to school and doing life with Christ there. How do we follow Christ in the midst of the classroom among fellow students and also our teachers?

by Jim McCracken, 2014

The Way Of The Disciple

From Paul's letter to Philemon, we learn much about the way of a disciple of Christ. Here we see Paul's instruction as it relates to personal surrender, family life, work, spiritaul warfare, Church, the qualities of grace and peace, prayer, and being a witness for Christ.

by Jim McCracken, 2014