“Some important things were being left undone in the church at Jerusalem.  The apostles did not have time to teach and spread the gospel and do all the other helping that desperately needed to be done.  So Peter asked the church to set apart seven men to take care of some widows in need.  Those seven were considered special helpers for a special need in the church.” -Acts 6:1-3

Special helpers are those who are willing to make themselves available to help those around them.  Sometimes it’s the teacher who needs help.  So the teacher is always looking for those students who are the special helpers.  These are the students who are getting their work done on time.  These students are now available to do special tasks that will help the teacher and the class.  Special helpers are the students that are willing to do the little things as well as the big things.  Some kids will only do those things that get them out of class or that get them some kind of reward.  But special helpers are the kind of students that will take on any task that their teacher would trust them with regardless of reward or recognition.

Sometimes it’s a classmate that needs help.  Maybe they need help with a class project or homework.  Maybe they need help carrying something to the bus after school.  Or maybe they just need someone to play with at recess or gym.  Special helpers recognize these opportunities to serve their classmates and take the initiative to help…(sometimes you will want to ask your teacher if it is all right to help in these ways).

Prayer:  “Lord, the early church needed some special helpers.  I’m sure my own church could use some too.  But I am sure that my teacher will need some help this school year.  And I want You to help me to be a special helper this year, not only for my teacher, but also for my classmates.  Thanks, Lord.  In Your Name I pray…amen!”