“For to me to live is Jesus Christ…” -Philippians 1:21a

It has been said about the apostle Paul that his writings are complicated.  Such analysts point out his long, run-on sentences along with some contradictory statements concerning his theology.  Since it was the Holy Spirit that inspired his writings that make up most of our new testaments, I am fine with his grammar and especially his convictions.  And the same Holy Spirit will guide me and all other believers in Jesus to the truth, regardless of how Greek and Aramaic translates into our English versions.

So, it’s verses like Philippians 1:21 that turn the profound into the simple…even for a child going back to school. Paul believed that his life was wrapped up in Jesus, especially from the day that he was saved on the road to Damascus.  Paul’s life was made up of many things and of many family and friend relationships.  But at the center of it all was Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior.

As you head off to school this year, your life will be filled with many new and exciting things to do, many new things to learn, and many new friends to meet and get to know.  But don’t forget the apostle Paul’s lesson.  “For us to live is Jesus.”  And that means, ‘for us to go to school’ is Jesus too.

Prayer:  “Lord, thanks for this new year of school that You are giving to me and my friends.  Help me to make the most of my opportunities to learn.  And please remind me from time to time that even going to school is something that I must do with You.  In Jesus’ Name, amen.”

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