“A wise person will listen and increase in learning…” -Proverbs 1:5

The wisest and smartest man (outside of the God-man, Jesus) ever to live on earth was named Solomon.  He was the son of the most popular king in the history of Israel, King David.  Solomon would become just as great a leader as his dad.  Yes, the son made his share of mistakes and poor judgments.  But Solomon, for the most part, did things God’s way and God honored him.   Before he died, he wrote, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, devotionals and proverbs to his grandchildren and their children.  Proverbs 1:5 is one of them.

I believe that Solomon wanted his children and grandchildren to have a growing appetite for learning.  But he knew that they would have to be disciplined in the art of listening…especially listening to their teachers.  They would have to learn to listen with their ears and their eyes.  He knew that they would be educated by many significant others…(such as parents, grandparents, other relatives, temple scribes and journeying rabbis).  And if they wanted to increase their learning and become full of wisdom and understanding about life and living with God and others, they would have to listen intently, focusing their eyes on the teacher and their ears upon the teacher’s words.

Prayer:  “Lord, help me to be a good learner.  And that means that You will have to help me to be a better listener, with my eyes and ears.  I am looking forward to learning all that I can at school this year.  So bless all those who will be teaching me.  Thanks.  In Your Name I pray, amen!