From the letter of Paul to Philemon

The way of the disciple is the way of witnessing….”praying that the sharing of your faith may become effective.”   Philemon 6

Jesus taught His first followers that they would be witnesses unto Him…that they would share with others the gospel of Christ (Acts 1:8).  A witness is one who is called upon to take the stand and tell others what they know for sure about a certain person or a certain matter.  As disciples of Christ, we are called upon to take the stand…or,  take a stand…and identify ourselves unashamedly with Jesus Christ, anywhere and anytime.  We are called upon to lovingly and boldly share with others what Jesus means to us and what He is ready to do for them, in and through His offer of eternal life.

How can we witness for Christ?  Our consistently real, joyful, helpful, and contented lives can be the beginning of our witnessing…to family and friends and neighbors and work associates and fellow students at school.  We can also be ready to share our 2-3 minute testimony of when we began to believe and follow after Christ and how that encounter has changed our lives.  And we can be alert to the prompting of the Holy Spirit…for instance, when people begin to talk about church, heaven and hell, living and dying, and spiritual things of all kinds, that is God’s invitation for us to openly identify ourselves with the Lord.  That’s witnessing.  And that is the way of the disciple.  Oh, by the way…who are you praying for that may need Jesus as their Savior?  Let’s make our lists and begin to pray that God would touch their hearts and open the door for the next opportunity to share with them.