From the letter of Paul to Philemon

The way of the disciple is the way of working for Christ”to Philemon, our beloved brother and fellow worker…” Philemon 1

In his letter to the church in Rome (chpt. 16), Paul greeted Aquilla and Priscilla as his fellow workers.  Paul also greeted another brother there in Rome, Urbanus, and referred to him as a fellow worker in Christ.  In those same closing greetings, Paul mentions young Timothy and calls him a fellow worker in the Lord.  In Paul’s first letter to the church in Corinth (chpt. 3), he made a point to call himself and Apollos fellow workers in the fields to which God had sent them.  Paul said, “I planted and Apollos watered and God brought forth the growth…”… (the spiritual fruit of salvation and sanctification in the lives of people).  And then, in Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi, he speaks highly of Epaphroditus, and calls him a fellow worker and minister to his need.  Later in that same letter (chpt. 4), Paul speaks of certain women, Euodia and Syntyche, as fellow workers with him, enduring the same struggles as he in the cause of the gospel.  And now, he refers to his friend in Colossae as his fellow worker.

The word fellow next to worker is a word that pictures two people bound to one another in a common work that they have been assigned to do.  Paul didn’t speak of every brother or sister in the faith as his fellow worker.  But he did describe some in that way and Philemon was one of them.  They were the brethren, connected at the heart and the hands,  who were always looking for ways to serve and spread the gospel. They were the brethren who did not shy away from the work, but rather jumped in with both feet, sink or swim, for the cause of Christ and His gospel.

Oh, to be called Paul’s fellow worker in the Lord Jesus.  And that is exactly what he would call us today as we work together…struggle together…fight the enemy of the soul together…and help our pastors and our church family to fulfill the calling of Christ laid upon them.  I’m in….you with me?  Let’s do it…for the way of the disciple is the way of working for Christ…together.