2 Samuel 14 
While reading 2 Samuel 14, I thought, “What a mess! Whose counsel is David is taking?”  His decision to send Tamar to Amnon (2 Samuel 13:7) and the decision to bless Absalom's feast and send Amnon seems naive.  In chapter 13, apparently, the only counsel David takes is from Jonadab, a very crafty man, whose evil plan for Amnon began this ever-increasing disaster. (2 Samuel 13:32-33)  Now in chapter 14, Joab believes it necessary to deceive David into taking counsel.  We have not read of David seeking the LORD's direction in quite some time. Has David's wisdom and spiritual insight been obstructed as a consequence of sin?  

Psalm 51 is David's prayer of confession for his sin with Bathsheba.  Psalm 3 is David's prayer as he flees from Absalom in 2 Samuel 15.  But, it seems there is an absence of David seeking either the LORD's counsel or godly wisdom from anyone else between these two events.

Not wanting to make the same mistake, an appropriate prayer from the Valley of Vision came to mind.

A Christian's Prayer
Blessed God, 
Ten thousand snares are mine without and within, defend thou me; 

When sloth and indolence seize me, give me views of heaven; 
When sinners entice me, give me disrelish of their ways; 
When sensual pleasures tempt me, purify and refine me;
When I desire worldly possessions, help me to be rich toward thee;
When the vanities of the world ensare me, let me not plunge into new guilt and ruin.

May I remember the dignity of my spiritual release, 
never be to busy to attend to my soul,
never be so engrossed with a time that I neglect the things of eternity; thus may I not only live, but grow towards thee.

Form my mind to right notions of religion, 
that I may not judge grace by wrong conceptions,
nor measure my spiritual advances by the efforts of my natural being.

May I seek after an increase of divine love to thee, 
after unreserved resignation to thy will,
after extensive benevolence to my fellow creatures, 
after patience and fortitude of soul,
after a heavenly disposition
after a concern that I may please thee in public and private.

Draw on my soul the lineaments of Christ, 
in every trace and feature of which thou wilt take delight, for I am
thy workmanship, created in Christ Jesus,
thy letter written with the Holy Spirit's pen,
thy tilled soil ready for the sowing, then harvest.