I hope and pray our journey through Scripture in 2017 has whetted your appetite for His Word. Today, just like many others, there is more I could write but time and the length of the article do not allow.

We could discuss how each book we finish today flows into the books we will read tomorrow. For example, the first two and a half verses of Ezra are the last two verses of 2 Chronicles.

Revelation 22 completes the promises of Genesis. The LORD God in His infinite wisdom and grace protected our descendants Adam and Eve by removing them from the garden of Eden so they could not partake of the tree of life and live forever without Him. Now the tree of life and the water of life are abundant in the City of God and the Lamb.

Malachi closes with the promise of Elijah's return which we see fulfilled in Matthew. The closing statement of John, describing all Jesus has done, prepares us for Luke’s description of the Lord ’s continued activity in building His church in the book of Acts.

I could write much about each of these chapters, but several months ago I found a prayer in the Valley of Vision which sums up 2017 better than anything I could say. This is my prayer for us.


O Saviour Of Sinners,

Thy name is excellent,
thy glory high,
thy compassions unfailing,
thy condescension wonderful,
thy mercy tender.

I bless thee for the discoveries, invitations,
promises of the gospel
for in them is pardon for rebels,
liberty for captives,
health for the sick,
salvation for the lost.

I come to thee in thy beloved name of Jesus,
re-impress thy image upon my soul;
Raise me above the smiles and frowns of the world,
regarding it as a light thing to be judged by men.

May thy approbation be my only aim,
thy Word my one rule.

Make me to abhor that which grieves thy Holy Spirit,
to suspect consolations of a worldly nature,
to shun a careless way of life,
to reprove evil,
to instruct with meekness those who oppose me,
to be gentle and patient towards all men,
to be not only a professor but an example of the gospel,
displaying in every relation, office and condition its excellency,
loveliness and advantages.

How little have I illustrated my principles and improved my privileges!
How seldom I served my generation!
How often have I injured and not recommended my Redeemer!
How few are those blessed through me!

In many things I have offended, in all come short of thy glory;
Pardon my iniquity, for it is great.