Leviticus 22, Psalm 28-29, Ecclesiastes 5, 2 Timothy 1 

Leviticus 22:31-33

Reading through Leviticus, it is impossible to miss how many times God says "I am the LORD".  He uses that exact statement 49 times.  The majority (30) are in chapters 19-22. Chapter 19 begins with "You shall be holy, for I the LORD your God am holy".  In these last three verses of chapter 22, the LORD reminds the people of three things; keep my commandments, I am the One who set you apart and I am the One who delivered you from slavery in Egypt.  He wants them to remember who He is, what He has done for them and therefore their appropriate response.  The instruction given to the Israelites of how they are to live "sanctified" lives is a constant reminder of their holy God, who is the LORD. 

Don't you think that is still a major problem even for believers?  Do you, too, need a constant reminder of who the LORD is, what He has done for you and your appropriate response?  After all these years, I am embarrassed to admit, I do. 

For me, spending time each day allowing the LORD to speak to me through His word and responding in prayer is the best reminder.  A few years ago, a group of ladies wore blue bracelets on their wrists as a regular reminder.   

What do you do as a constant reminder to live "set apart" for the LORD, who is a holy God?  

LORD God, forgive me for getting busy with my life, forgetting it is no longer mine but Yours.  Just as You brought the Israelites out of slavery, You redeemed me from slavery.  Thank You.  Holy Spirit, even with the various methods I use to remember the LORD my God, you know how quickly I can become my own lord.  Please be the constant reminder for me.  Never let me stray too far for too long.  

2 Timothy 1:2-7 

Paul is reminding Timothy of his spiritual heritage in this passage.  He begins by calling Timothy "my beloved child".  We know Paul was referring to himself as Timothy's spiritual father.  In 1 Corinthians 4:17, Paul describes Timothy as his beloved and faithful child in the Lord.  Philippians 2:22 says as a son with a father, Timothy has served with Paul in the gospel.  Paul also reminds Timothy of the sincere faith of his mother and grandmother.

I presume it is a common inclination to want to know your family history.  It seems natural to want to know who you are based on your family and where they came from.  I don't often hear believers discussing their spiritual heritage though.  In the OT, God is often referred to in relationship to the patriarchs of the faith.  How often do you see God described as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?  

I have often wondered about my spiritual heritage.  Fortunately, I have some knowledge of my family's sincere faith.  My sister has our maternal grandfather's Bible with notes from the last Wednesday night prayer meeting he taught, before being killed three days later in a farming accident.  The passage he taught from was 2 Timothy 4:6-8.  We also have letters our father wrote discussing his faith with one of his brothers.  I have an aunt who always turns the conversation to Jesus every time we visit.  I have thought my call would encourage her, but I am always the one encouraged.  

Father, thank You for the examples of faith in my family.  I know ultimately that it is Your grace since You truly are the Father of all who believe.  You have been so gracious to me, not only through my direct family but through relationships like Paul and Timothy.  I am blessed because You have placed so many faithful brothers and sisters in Christ in my life.