Numbers 4, Psalm 38, Song of Solomon 2, Hebrews 2

Psalm 38:1-22

The vivid imagery David uses to describe his physical and mental state is overpowering.  You can feel the depth of his pain and anguish.  Today, the diagnosis of David's condition would be severe depression that would require hours of psychoanalysis to determine the cause.   

David has no such thought.  He attributes what is happening to God's discipline because of his sin.  He explicitly states that conclusion in verse 3. 

After several specific verses describing his affliction, David explains how others are responding to him.  His friends and family are staying away because they do not know what to say or do.  His adversary's see his weakness as a time of opportunity to destroy him.  He even characterizes himself as being unable to respond because he cannot hear or speak.

Fortunately, David knows from whom the answer will come.  He waits on the LORD trusting He will answer.   Notice David's confession of his sin and iniquity in verse 18. 

Guilt for his rebellion against God's instruction is David's diagnosis for his condition.  As believers, we know not all illness, despair, and grief is the result of sin (John 9:1-3).  However, we should honestly consider God's loving discipline upon us during times of suffering. 

LORD God, Abba Father, You love Your children enough to correct us.  Holy Spirit, thank You for working through my conscience to convict and confront me in my sin.  Jesus Christ, it is only because of You, my guilt can be and was forgiven.  I, like David, will acknowledge You as my only salvation. 

Song of Solomon 2:1-17

I think today's reading was such a great picture of life. 

In Deuteronomy, I thought about how proud the Levites must have been to be set apart for the specific task of caring for the tabernacle.  But as I read the repetitive explanation of their duties, I began to wonder how quickly their responsibility became mundane.  Did it just become a job? 

Then in Psalm, David's grief and despair seemed never to end.  It took him a long time to state his trust in God.  But even then there is no evidence in the Psalm of renewal and refreshment.  (FYI - Psalm 39 continues along the same track.  Hallelujah Psalm 40 is coming quickly.) 

You can't read the Song of Solomon without getting caught up in the enjoyment, pleasure, and even ecstasy this couple feel for each other.  She is a lily among brambles to him.  He is an apple tree among trees of the forest to her.  Talk about only having eyes for you!  Spring is here, and their minds turn to love.  All they want is to see each other's lovely face, hear the other's sweet voice.

Father, thank You for the gift of love.  Thank You for those special people in our lives who bring enjoyment, pleasure, and ecstasy.  They are a gift from Your hand.  Thank You also for the variety of life.  May I rejoice in both the highs and lows for Your glory.

Hebrews 2:9-10

Since we will be back to Hebrews 2 on November 7, I will not go into great detail, but it is impossible for me to not comment on Hebrews 2:9-10. 

To see Jesus crowned with glory and honor because of suffering death and to be told through suffering the perfect Son of God became my perfect salvation, always causes me to stop. 

Christ Jesus my Lord, You are worthy of all I am or ever will be.  I commit my all to You.  When I suffer in small ways for You may I always rejoice.