Numbers 7, Psalm 42-43, Song of Solomon 5, Hebrews 5

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Psalm 42 - 43

Psalm 42-43 strikes a deep cord within me.  I am so easily distracted by the busyness of life, but in those quiet moments, as my heart and mind turn only to the things of God, this passage expresses what I desire.  My soul longs for time with the ONE who is my salvation, my rock, and my God.  There is a thirst for what He and He alone can and does provide, that nothing else satiates.

Even the taunt "Where is your God?", does not diminish my desire for the Blesser more than the blessing.  Those who would ask that question may not see what they think is His blessing in my life, but I do.  Even in the periods when my soul is downcast, I would hope only in God.  I will praise my salvation and my God.

God, my exceeding joy, O God, my God.  Send your light and truth, lead me to Yourself.  In You alone does my soul find satisfaction.

Song of Solomon 5:2-6

God is referred to as "O Sovereign LORD, thou lover of souls" in the Wisdom of Solomon 10:26, (Apocrypha of the OT).  This passage causes me to consider my response when the lover of my soul calls.  Am I like the bride in this passage?  Am I already settled in and don't want to be disturbed?  Even though I know He is knocking at my door, do I wait too long with my response.

O Sovereign LORD, lover of my soul, forgive me for my slow response.  Thank You for pursuing me when I am slow to respond.   Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, please stir within me a quick, appropriate response to the lover of my soul.

Hebrews 5:11-14

Does this passage convict you as it does me?  It troubles me to think the Holy Spirit is speaking through this letter and has much to say to me, but doesn't because I am dull when it comes to hearing spiritual things.

The writer wrote this letter to a biblically astute audience.  The amount and depth of OT scripture prove the point.  He knows his readers already know much about the LORD and His Word.  But, there are hard to explain issues he knows they are not prepared to hear.  He confronts us with our immaturity.  Surely he is not saying we are still babies in Christ Jesus, is he?

Founder and Perfecter of my faith, maturity is my desire.  Forgive me for accepting a diet of milk.  I want the solid food of Your Word.  I want to discern good from evil and be able to teach others.  May my constant practice be based upon Your Word of righteousness.