Numbers 9, Psalm 45, Song of Solomon 7, Hebrews 7

Numbers 9:18

Many years ago, a study entitled "Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby was a great blessing for me.  The premise of the course is that man is capable of any number of activities that appear to be of value, but there are actions only God can perform, which are definitely of eternal value.  Blackaby spends a significant portion of the study examining God's activity through scriptural events.   The intent is to help the participants have eyes to see what God alone can do, so they may join Him in fulfilling His purpose.  Blackaby acknowledges much we attempt in ministry appear to be a failure.  But what God is doing always succeeds.  Therefore, instead of coming up with our ideas of what we should be doing, why don't we watch and pray to see what God is already doing and join Him.  Success is thus assured. 

If envy weren't a sin, it sure would be easy to envy the Israelites, wouldn't it?  It's so simple for them to see where God would have them; when the cloud moves, they move; when the cloud stays, they stay.  They succeeded by following the cloud wherever He led.  LORD, I desire to follow You.  Please give me the eyes to see Your activity as easily as the Israelites saw the movement of the cloud. 

An excellent example is found in John 21:1-12.  After Jesus' resurrection, seven of the disciples decided to go fishing.  After fishing all night and catching nothing, a man on the shore asks if they had any success.  After they tell him no, he suggests they cast their net on the other side of the boat.  By doing this, they catch a large quantity of fish.  At that point, John realizes the man is Jesus and tells Peter.  Peter immediately swims to shore while the other disciples bring in the boat and their catch.  When they get to shore, Jesus has a fire going with fish and bread prepared on it.  Jesus instructs them to bring some of their catch to add to breakfast. 

In this event, Jesus had breakfast ready but asks them to join in by adding some of the fish He had just provided for them to catch.  In Ephesians 2:10, Paul tells us God has prepared good works for us to be doing.  Just as Jesus had prepared breakfast for the disciples, God has prepared what we are to do.  Our responsibility is to join Him in His activity, using the gifts He has placed in our care.

Spirit of Counsel, we desire Your direction.  You always accomplish Your plan and purpose.  We want to see Your action in the world so we may join You.  Please give us eyes to see those good works You have already prepared and a joyful willingness to dive into where You are working.   

Psalm 45:1-17

Isn't this Psalm amazing!  Who but the Holy Spirit could tie the Song of Solomon together with Hebrews?

Look at the passage from this Psalm the writer of Hebrews uses (Hebrews 1:8-9).  How many of the descriptions of the lovers in Song of Solomon are in this Psalm? 

Spirit of the Living God, You are the One who inspired and carried along each of the authors of Your Book.  Thank You for this unique Psalm that provides such an incredible linkage between two such distinctively different passages of the Bible.