Numbers 26, Psalm 69, Isaiah 16, 1 Peter 4

Psalm 69:5-6
Years ago these two verses became a consistent prayer of mine. 
After four verses describing his current plight and a fervent request "Save me, O God!", David turns a candid eye upon himself.  "O God (The same One to whom he cries out for salvation), you know my folly; the wrongs I have done are not hidden from you."  David admits what I so often want to forget or justify—my folly.  Folly is always used to show the opposite of wisdom and understanding in the book of Proverbs.  David declares the all-knowing God already knows all of his wrongs.  In the ESV, this is the only passage that translates this Hebrew word as wrongs.  In the other 18 occurrences, it is translated as guilt or sin.  So David is saying save me, God, even though You know how foolish and guilty I am!
After making this confession, David implores God to protect those who may be affected by his foolishness and sin.  Specifically, his desire is for those who place their trust in the LORD.  He asked that they not be put to shame or humiliated because of him. 
How often has this happened in the history of the church?  The foolishness or sin of a professing believer is publicly proclaimed, and the reproach falls on the entire community of faith.  Paul said it this way in Romans 2:24, "The Gentiles blaspheme the name of God because of you."
Now you know why I consistently ask Jesus to protect His church from me.  For I know, I can and do act foolishly at times.  I am increasingly aware of my guilt, sin, and wrongs, so I pray with David—O Sovereign LORD of Heaven's Armies, please protect Your children, those who put their trust in You.  You know all my guilt and folly.  Please may I never bring reproach upon Your name, or shame and humiliation upon Your family.
 1 Peter 4:8
Aren't you thankful love covers a multitude of sins?  Have you ever thought about how much someone must love you to let your selfishness slide? 
I had been a bachelor for a long time when Carol finally agreed to marry me.  To make matters worse, most of those years I lived by myself.  So I was an expert at knowing what Roy wanted and fulfilling that desire.  I love ice cream, and when the urge hit, I would serve myself.  Needless to say, I just fixed one bowl.  How quickly do we forget that idea of the two becoming one!  It only took Carol once or twice to realize the honeymoon was over (at least as it related to ice cream), and she quickly addressed the problem by explaining she might like some, too.  Helping herself did not resolve the problem.
You would think after 30 years of blissful marriage, I would never do that again.  But you would be wrong.  I am so glad Carol's love for me covers a multitude of my selfish sin.  But, I am more thankful that my LORD and Savior's love covers all my sin and rebellion.
Thank You, Jesus, for becoming sin for me so I might share Your righteousness.  How could I ever measure such love?  Great is Your steadfast love and how unworthy of it I am.

After writing, this song was on my mind the rest of the morning.  Thought I would share "How He Loves Us