Numbers 28, Psalm 72, Isaiah 19-20, 2 Peter 1

Psalm 72
The title attributes this Psalm to Solomon, but the last verse says "The prayers of David, the son of Jesse, are ended."  So there is uncertainty about the author.  One suggestion is that David after crowning Solomon as his replacement wrote it for his son.  Whichever king wrote it, doesn't the kingdom described sound like a great place to live? 
Look at the descriptions of this country.  The king asks God to give him the ability to rule with justice and righteousness.  He wants this gift to protect the oppressed and punish the oppressor.  His desire is for the nation to fear God, so righteousness and peace flourish.  He asks for the prosperity of the country, so there is an abundance of food for the people.  Wouldn't you want the leaders of the nation to have those desires?
I recently have asked the question what the best form of government is.  Needless to say, it has prompted some interesting discussion.  I proposed the very best would be a benevolent dictator.  I know just the thought of a dictator causes one to cringe.  But what about a dictator whose sole objective was doing good, who truly ruled with righteousness and justice?  Does adding the qualities of all knowing and all loving change your thought process? 
We know the kingdom described in Psalm 72 didn't come to pass under Solomon's reign.  Or for that matter under any other earthly king.  This Psalm is messianic in view of a kingdom to come.   Just as Isaiah 19:20-25 discusses that day when Israel, Egypt, and Assyria are a blessing to the world because the LORD of host has blessed them. 
The kingdom of King Jesus will fulfill this Psalm.  With such a benevolent, all knowing, all loving ruler, won't that be a great place to live!  The thing for us to remember as followers of Jesus Christ is that is where we live today.  Even with all the discord, chaos and distress in the world, as believers, our real home is just the opposite, under the rule of sweet Jesus.
LORD Jesus Christ, I long for "that day."  Forgive me for losing sight of the fact that You reign and rule now.  May that reality gives me peace and confidence to live in the freedom of Your kingdom no matter the circumstances that surround me.
2 Peter 1:16-21
Matthew 17:1-7 describes the event Peter is referencing in 2 Peter 1:16-18.  Can you imagine what it must have been like to behold Jesus in His glory, to see and recognize Moses and Elijah and to hear the voice of God the Father speak from the cloud?  I can't imagine it much less think as a follower of Jesus there would be something better than that experience. 
But that is what Peter tells us in verse 19.  He says we have something better, surer than his experience in Matthew 17.  He says God's word is more fully confirmed than even the event described in Matthew.  Wuest, a literal translation, says "And we have the prophetic word as a surer foundation."
Doesn't that cause you to stop and thank God for his written word?
Father, thank You for both Your Living and written Word.  Holy Spirit, please open our eyes to see we truly have been given everything necessary for life and godliness.  May Your word shine it's light in the dark places of our lives.  Morning Star, please rise quickly in our hearts.