Genesis 15, Matthew 14, Nehemiah 4, Acts 14

Genesis 15:2

Adoni is a new name for God used by Abram in this verse.  In the title Lord GOD, Lord is Adoni.  You will notice GOD is in all capital letters.  This is the Hebrew word YHWH first used in Genesis 2:4 as LORD.  Many Bibles translate this title as Sovereign LORD.

Check God's Names as Revealed in Genesis for a more detailed explanation of Adoni.

Genesis 15:16

I wonder what is the level of sin God determines deserves destruction?  It is obvious throughout history nations come and nations go.  Is it because they "fill up the measure of their sins"?  (1 Thessalonians  2:16)  I fear that my country is very near this place if we have not already reached it. 

Sovereign LORD, You alone know.  As I see how rampant sin is in the culture and how godless we as a nation have become, I fear your just judgment on the United States of America.  Father, we deserve Your justice, but I would pray for Your mercy.  Please, Lord, send a revival upon Your people in this nation.  May the Holy Spirit stir in the believers in this country, so Your Name may be glorified as You are worthy, and may many people come to know You as Lord and Savior.

Matthew 14:15-36

I can't imagine what it must have been like for the 12 disciples to spend time with Jesus; to see Him feed 5,000 men with such a small amount of food, to walk on water, and have the power to calm the storm.  Even with the evidence of the change in the disciples after Pentecost,  it sometimes seems it would have been better to have been with Him then, than as a follower now.  Jesus, however, tells us in John 16:7 " is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you".  I fear Jesus says to me like He did Peter (Matthew 14:31) "you of little faith, why do you doubt?". 

Question of Interest:  Does doubt cause little faith or reveal little faith?  Or is an opportunity to examine the foundation of faith?

Holy Spirit, it seems I see things in the physical realm so clearly.  Please give me eyes to see the spiritual realm with clarity.  

Acts 14:11-20

How amazing!  The people of Lystra want to offer sacrifices to the apostles because they think they are gods.  Then a few strangers show up and begin to speak badly about them, so the people join in stoning Paul and leaving him for dead.  My experience is similar, not that I have ever been worshiped as a god or stoned, but I find people capable one day to think highly of me as they praise what I am doing, then it seems almost the next day I am stoned with their words and then left as if dead.  Acts 14:22 convicts me with the reminder that through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.

Father, may I be like Paul and Barnabas and continue to strengthen the believers even in those places where I have suffered much.

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