Deuteronomy 31, Psalm 119:97-120, Isaiah 58, Matthew 6

Deuteronomy 31
Every time I read this account of Moses' life, it saddens me.  I cannot imagine how disappointed Moses must have been.  Not being able to enter the promise land would obviously be very difficult, but to be told the people would prostitute themselves to other god's after his death must have been overwhelming.  Can you imagine pouring your life out for a group of people by faithfully pointing them to the LORD and His ways to then be told they would do exactly the opposite?
Don't you know Moses struggled with a sense of failure?  I know I have in similar situations much shorter in duration than forty some odd years.  I am so thankful God does not call us to be successful (by our standards) but to be faithful to Him and trust Him for the results. 
FYI - If any of you have the opportunity to be on Jeopardy and the question is asked about Moses entering the promise land, be careful of your answer.  Did Moses ever enter the promised land?  See Matthew 17:3-4. 
Father God, we desire to be successful as Your children.  It is so easy to define success by the measure of this world.  Please forgive us for this.  Holy Spirit, teach us success is assured not because of our efforts but by Jesus Christ appropriately saying "It is finished."  It is Christ alone who defeated the enemy.  He is the successful One.  However, we do want to successfully complete the good works our Father prepared for each of us long ago.  As His children, teach us to live just like Jesus, accomplishing His will.