Genesis 29, Matthew 28, Esther 5, Acts 28

Genesis 29:25-35

Relationships are hard.  I am sure that is not news but Scripture sure makes it abundantly clear, whether it is Noah and his son; Abram, Sarai and Hagar or now Jacob, Leah and Rachel.  When I read of this families life, my heart always goes out to Leah.  How demeaned she must have felt; talk about an inferiority complex.  Yet God blessed her in ways only He can.  In the culture of her day, having sons was seen as a great benefit.  They were able to provide for and protect in ways daughters could not.   Leah acknowledged the LORD as the One who provided her sons.  Look at the meaning of the names she gave her sons in Genesis 29:32-35.  Interestingly, Leah's emphasis, until Judah, on each son's name was her relationship to Jacob.

Father, may I be in the same frame of mind as Leah when she named Judah.  I want the emphasis of my life to be "This time I will praise the LORD".  I confess just as Leah, I have acknowledged You but only for what I want, not just for who You are.  I desire for that to change, please forgive me.

Matthew 28:16-17

Worship with doubt, how can that happen?  When I read passages like this one, I am always thankful of God's description of His people, warts and all.  This event, inevitably causes my mind to scream "WHAT!  How can that be with all they had experienced with Jesus".  What does it take for a sinful, human heart to believe?  How can I believe and love with my whole heart?  Then I noticed the passage does not say "some worshiped him and some doubted".  We are told "they", the eleven, worshiped Him, some even in their doubt.  I am so thankful to see the saints warts and all.  Because I too, worship Him in my doubt.

Holy Spirit, thank you for the gift of belief, help my unbelief.

Acts 28:3-6

How fickle are people?  The people of Malta's opinion of Paul went from murder to god almost in the blink of an eye.  Why would I ever put my hope and trust in such as that?  God makes it very clear not to do such a thing.  For an understanding of God's view see Psalm 118:8, 146:3, Jeremiah 17:5-7, Micah 7:5-7.  

Father, why would I put my trust in man when I find myself to be untrustworthy.  I have let myself down so many times why would I be surprised when other men do the same thing.  Wisdom is trust in You the only wise God.  May I be a wise man.