Genesis 33, Mark 4, Esther 9-10, Romans 4

Genesis 33:1-20

More than just a name change happened with Jacob after wrestling with God all night. The first time God appeared to Jacob (Genesis 28:13-22), he placed conditions on their relationship.  Jacob's attitude was "If you will do....then you will be my God".

The night Jacob wrestled with God he had placed his family between Esau and himself as protection.  The next day he placed himself between Esau and his family.  He humbled himself before them all.  His also humbled himself before God by accepting the name change to being called Israel and declaring God to be the God of Israel. 

Father, thank You for changing those You choose.  May it be evident You are God, God of Roy.  

Mark 4:11

The Greek word translated "secret" is mysterion.  Obviously the English word mystery is derived from this word.  As a matter of fact, the ESV uses this word 27 times in the NT, and only four times is it translated secret.  It is most often translated as mystery.

Jesus tells the twelve, "To you has been given the 'mystery' of the kingdom of God". Colossians 2:2 says the knowledge of God's mystery is Christ.  So what has been given to the twelve is Christ.  To be given the secret, the mystery of the kingdom of God, is to be given Christ Jesus.  

Lord God, what an awesome gift.  Thank You for the mystery of Your Kingdom.  Thank You for Christ.  

Esther 9:1

How many times in the Bible does "the reverse" occur?  There are so many, I am sure you have your favorite.  Mine is Ephesians 2:4-5.  

Rom 4:20-21

Ever wonder how to increase your faith?  This passage says Abraham's faith grew strong "as he gave glory to God".

Father, like Abraham, I want my belief in Your promises to bring You glory.  Holy Spirit, please quickly remind me in those times when my faith wavers to glorify God, fully convinced He is able to do what He promises.