2 Chronicles 18, Revelation 7, Zechariah 3, John 6

Author - Anthony Morell 

2 Chronicles 18
How often do we surround ourselves with people just because they speak good things to us? Evil King Ahab had managed to find 400 prophets who would prophesy “good” to him, yet God protected a remnant voice of truth in Micaiah. Micaiah would not have had a voice if it weren’t for King Jehoshaphat, who took delight in the ways of the Lord (17:6). Jehoshaphat’s inquiry allowed Micaiah to prophesy about defeat in battle against Ramoth Gilead and Ahab’s death. After finishing his prophecy, Micaiah is slapped and mocked by Zedekiah son of Chenaanah, making this prophet a type of Jesus in the Old Testament. Jesus was blindfolded, mocked, beaten, and told to prophesy who had struck Him (Luke 22:63-65). Micaiah provided truth and was persecuted for it. Jesus is truth and was persecuted for it. There will be opposition to the truth, and not just on earth. God showed Micaiah, all the host of heaven standing before God, who allowed the lying spirit to enter the mouths of Ahab’s prophets. The same lying spirits are at it today. But thanks be to the Holy Spirit who gives us the gift of discerning truth and that truth is a person, our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.

Revelation 7
There are two main groups mentioned in this chapter: the 144,000 sealed and the great multitude. The tribe of Dan is missing from those sealed from the tribes of Israel. One belief is that this is because of the tribe’s idolatry in Judges 18. Also, Dan was the location of one of two golden calf’s set up by Jeroboam (1 Kings 12:28-30) where Ahab’s 400 prophets were likely involved. These 144,000 are sealed with an external seal on their forehead, just as Israel in the Old Testament performed circumcision as an external sign. Israel occupied a special place throughout the Old Testament, and they will continue to do so in the great tribulation. 

The great multitude is beyond measuring and from every nation, tribe, people, and tongue. These are those who experience the great tribulation and are washed white with the blood of the Lamb. The fact that the elder has to ask who this great multitude is in v. 13 implies that they have an internal seal, the Holy Spirit. These are Gentiles who come out of the great tribulation. 

Zechariah 3
Being able to see Jesus in the Old Testament so plainly as in this passage is important. So much is written about our Savior while He was on earth, but these passages remind us that He was in the beginning. In other Old Testament passages, Jesus is the Branch of Lord (Isaiah 4:2) and the Branch of Righteousness (Jeremiah 23:5). In Zechariah Jesus is God’s Servant the Branch (3:8) and the Man whose name is Branch (6:12). Another important thing to see in the Old Testament is the Church. Here, Jesus is called the stone in which upon it are seven eyes. Parallel this to the seven churches in Revelation, and these eyes likely represent the churches Jesus spoke about in Revelation.

John 6
Our aim ought to be to continue to make Jesus more and more Lord of our lives as we continue in sanctification. Sometimes, I must confess, I belittle His oneness with the Father to being just a prophet, declaring truth. Other times He is just my teacher, guiding me along with truth. These sound good, but they are not enough. Even the devil believes these things. In this chapter, Jesus is called a Prophet (v. 14) and a Rabbi, or teacher (v. 25). These are accurate titles for our Savior, but not completely accurate. May He continue to become Lord of our lives more and more as we continue to abide in Him.