Genesis 46, Mark 16, Job 12, Romans 16

Genesis 46:1-4

How long do you think it took Israel to start toward Egypt?  His favorite son whom he lost 22 years ago, is now the number two man in Egypt which, by the way, was the only place to get food for the next 5 years.  How good is El Elohe-Israel? 

I suspect I would have thrown my stuff together and been on the next camel south.  This is such a blessing; it has to be a gift from God!  Right?

Israel does not assume that to be true.  Maybe he learned from his grandfather's mistake.   Abraham in a similar situation, a famine, went to Egypt without consulting God (Genesis 12:10-12) and, it appears, came home with Hagar the Egyptian slave girl ( Genesis 16:1).  Instead of heading to Egypt, Israel went to Beersheba, a significant place in his family's life (Genesis 21:33, 26:23-24) to seek God's counsel.  Needless to say, God spoke to Israel about the move and blessed it. 

LORD, the Everlasting God, may I be quick to seek Your counsel even when things seem to be exactly what I would desire.  Holy Spirit, please teach me to learn from other's mistakes rather than learn hard lessons from my own.  

Job 12:1-25

It is so difficult being the smartest person in the room, especially when it seems no one else knows it. 

Job waste no time in rebutting his three friends.  He explains they are not the only ones with experience, knowledge and wisdom.  Yet, he is waiting for God's answer to his questions.  Since He holds all life in His hand, His answer is the one of value.  His wisdom is the only acceptable counsel.  In pointing out God's infinite wisdom and power, Job reminds his friends of their limited knowledge and understanding.

Notice the first word in verses 17-24 and what Job attributes to God's power and understanding.

Almighty God and All Knowing Father, forgive me for those times I think and act like I am the smartest one in the room.  What a lack of humility!  What pride!  Forgive me for being a know it all. 

Romans 16:17-20

Don't you find it interesting Paul's last command to the church in Rome is about those who cause division in the church.  Why would he save this instruction until the last of his letter? 

In Ephesians 4:1-14, Paul provides a great explanation of why there is unity in the church and why we are to maintain it.  He says the unity of the church really is the unity of the Spirit maintained through a bond of peace.  In Romans 16:20, Paul again describes God as the "God of peace" (Romans 15:33) and the One who will crush Satan under their feet. 

Lord Jesus, may Your church exhibit the unity You have with the Father and the Spirit.  Thank You for coming to destroy the works of the devil.  Give us eyes to see division as works of Satan.  May the unity of Your body be as important to us as it is to You.