Exodus 40, John 19, Proverbs 16, Philippians 3

Exodus 40:34-35

Did you notice the recurring phrase "as the LORD had commanded Moses"?  In Exodus 39-40 it is repeated 13 times.  After Moses and the people of Israel did exactly what God instructed in the building of the tabernacle (Exodus 39:43), look at what God did! 

Can you imagine the appearance of the tabernacle after the cloud covered it, and the glory of the LORD filled it?  The glory of the LORD so filled the tabernacle, Moses was unable to enter.  I am reminded of the passages in John 14-17 where Jesus speaks to the disciples for the last time before the crucifixion.  In John 14:16-17, Jesus says He will send another Helper to be with you forever, and you will know Him because He will dwell with you and will be in you.  The concept of "to dwell" is the same as "to tabernacle".  The Holy Spirit comes to tabernacle with me.  Then in John 17:22 Jesus says the glory God has given Him, He has given to those who believe in Him.  Oh my, even in a more intimate way than God, in His glory, dwelt with the Israelites in the tent of meeting, He not only dwells in and with me, but gives me His glory.

LORD God, the obedience of the Israelites in preparing the tabernacle for You encourages me.  But Your response to their obedience leaves me in awe.  The tabernacle being completely filled with Your glory such that there was no room for Moses makes me jealous.  As Your Spirit dwells with and in me, may Your glory so fill me there is no room for Roy.

John 19:28

"Knowing that all was now finished...to fulfill the Scripture..."  The last thing Jesus did was to fulfill scripture (Psalm 22:15, 69:21).  In Matthew 1:22, we are told His conception was for the same purpose.  So from the very beginning of Jesus' life to the last act of His life, He fulfilled all that was prophesied about Himself.

I am always astounded that even though Jesus knew what would happen to Him, He finished it all.  But when I realize He did it to fulfill scripture, I am blown away.  Scripture is God's Word, therefore, Jesus allowed all that happened because His Word prophesied it .  What God says will be, will be.

Who beside the Living God could do that?  See John 19:36-37, even what happened after Jesus' death was to fulfill Scripture.

Proverbs 16:33

"The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the LORD."  Just think the Roman soldier who won Jesus' tunic was planned by Jesus Himself. 

Please Sovereign LORD may I always remember this truth.  Your sovereignty is such that even dice respond to Your decision.

Philippians 3:8-11

What a great way to end a morning of worship!  Sing along with the Apostle Paul by clicking on the link below.

"Knowing You Jesus" 

To Carol's great distress, I sang this acappella in church once.  Since I was willing to do that, this is obviously one of my favorite songs with which to worship my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

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