Bible In A Year

As disciples there is no substitute for spending time in, and understanding God's word. Reading through the Bible in a year helps us build the discipline of connecting with God each day through His Word, and helps us understand the full story of redemption.

As a way to assist you in this worthy endeavor, we have several resources created by our Elders to walk with you day by day and provide insight into your journey through God's Word.

His Dwelling Word

Roy Stokes has written this devotional guide that follows the M'Cheyne plan through the Bible in a year. The plan is designed to take you through the New Testament and Psalms twice, and through the rest of the Bible once in a year. Each day there are approximately four chapters to read that show us how God is moving throughout His entire story.

From Roy: This study through the Old & New Testament is a discipleship program intended to equip believers of all maturity levels by walking with them through the Bible in a year. For anyone who has ever desired to faithfully read and study through the entirety of God's Word, this system provides the structure, accountability, inspiration, and encouragement to do just that.

Download the His Dwelling Word Devotional eBook and M'Cheyne Reading Plan below

Chronological Plan & Podcast

Jim McCracken led us through the bible in a year using the ESV chronological plan. For every day of the year there is a podcast to supplement your reading where Jim shares his insights, encouragements, prayers, and all kinds of other goodness from that day's reading.

Use the links below to get the reading plan, and listen to the podcasts on the web or in your favorite podcast app.