Welcome to the Bible in a Year at ARCC! Through the next year, the plan is to take a look at the entire Bible in a chronological order, the order in which the events of redemption happened. The group is using the Chronological Reading Plan and is also located in the ARCC App as well as outlined in the ESV Story of Redemption Bible. Here is also a link to a printout of the daily readings:

ESV Chronological

On Sunday mornings at 8am, the group will meet in the Board Room to discuss the week’s readings as well as ask questions that have come from the week’s text. Most days will have 3 chapters, depending on the length of the chapter, and please attend even if there are still readings to do. Over the past couple years, the group reading through the Bible has experienced accountability, been strengthened spiritually, engaged in mutual discipleship, and countless other benefits.

Each week I’ll also write a short blog on the week’s readings. Expect the commentary to cover portions of the text for the coming week. The blog will cover readings from Monday through the following Sunday and will be the same readings as those which will be discussed on Sunday mornings. Also, please feel free to comment on the week’s posts here:

Weekly Blog

-Mike Curtis