HOME (-/HŌM/-)



is the place from which family does life.  Home is a safe space that we might be equipped/nurtured/restored, sent, and welcomed back again.
is to be a home for the community for the sake of discipleship for the mission of planting churches all over the world.
is to raise $320K in order to begin our building project phase one.  We invite you to prayerfully consider giving above and beyond your tithe to our building fund.

Would you consider partnering with us?

Our Story

In June of 2022 we purchased a little over 9 acres of land right off of 1604 just past Potranco right next to Flix Brewhouse.  We were meeting at the Courtyard Marriott at the time and decided to take on a smaller project up front that would allow us to use the limited funds we had available to produce something that would give us opportunities to make this space our own and use it for special family gatherings.  We decided to build our “back porch” first.  We recently invited our people to join us out at “The Porch” for Christmas Eve and then Good Friday.  This space has created many other ministry and outreach opportunities as well.  In short, we have already had a small taste of the goodness that comes with having a permanent place to call home.

Last year the Lord moved us from the Courtyard Marriott to the YMCA at 151 and Potranco.  That move was providential for many reasons with one of the primary ones being the extreme reduced cost for rent.  The children’s space is great and our relationship with the Y has been very encouraging.  God is good to get us where He wants us in the present, but we also believe that He is setting us up to begin to prepare for the future.

We believe that we are in a place and in a season where we are ready to begin running hard towards building a building that will become our “home”.  There are quite a few steps that need to be made before we can even break ground. Many of those have already begun to play out.  We have very gifted men completing the administrative, architectural, and engineering tasks necessary to be ready to move dirt.  The other primary objective that we have is to raise 20% of the total cost of the project.  The closer we get to actually building the more precise that number will become, but we know that we need roughly $320,000 in order for the bank to loan us the rest of the money.

We are asking people to prayerfully consider what they might contribute over and above their tithe towards our building fund to reach our goal of $320K.  We are doing everything we know to do on our end to be ready to go once we hit that number.  We are trusting that God is going to do this in His timing, for His glory, and our good.  Thank you so much for your willingness to be a part of this next season in the journey for ARCC to be a home for the community for the sake of discipleship for the mission of planting churches all over the world.

Architectural Drawings


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