Gospel Communities - What Are They?

At ARCC, we believe discipleship is a team sport and happens in community with other believers. Our Gospel Communities are a place where we get to practice the "one another's" of scripture. These communities are led by our GC deacons and provide a place to know and be known by other believers, and to be poured into so that you can turn around and pour out to others. 

Why Gospel Communities?

Jesus, the Son of God, has been in community from all eternity. We believe that He has been satisfied completely by and in and through the eternal presence of the Father and the Holy Spirit. When Jesus came to earth He did His ministry alongside others. He knew them and they knew Him. There is an important aspect of Christian discipleship that cannot happen outside of community. Living life in community is a large part of the process of “growing up into Christ” as Paul would put it to the Ephesian church. Jesus told His disciples that the world would know them by their love for one another. In Christ, we have a new identity bought and paid for by His blood. He calls us a priesthood unto the Lord. This being the case, we have the privilege of doing life with people uniquely gifted to present Jesus to us over and over again. The Apostle Paul gives wonderful vision for what this life with “one another” looks like and what it was meant to accomplish for God’s glory and our sanctification as those being conformed to the image of the Lord Jesus.  At ARCC this plays itself out most practically within our Gospel Communities.  We invite you to find one and dive in!

What to expect

Where will we meet?
While each of our GCs have their own rhythms, most meet together in someone's home. When you go to the Gospel Community Directory you will see the option to join a group. This sends an email to the leader of that group who will reach out to you and give you all of the information for the group you're interested in.

What do we do at GC?
Every group is different and is designed to serve the people of that group. Different group sizes, life stages, seasons, and geography can all dictate the rhythms of a group, but the goal is simple to make disciples who make disciples. With that in mind, most groups will spend time around the word or a study, worship together, pray together, and spend time in fellowship.

DNA groups
At ARCC you'll hear the term DNA thrown out a lot. In fact we desire that everyone who is in a Gospel Community also be a part of a DNA group. DNA stand for Discover, Nurture, Act and you can think of them as a group within a group.  Groups of 2-3 men or women from the same Gospel Community commit to diving into the word together, praying for one another, and sharing their hearts with one another. Your Gospel Community Leader will help you find a DNA to get involved with. 

Join a Gospel Community

There is no better way to get involved and begin your discipleship journey at ARCC than by joining a Gospel Community. Click the link below and we'll take you to our Gospel Community Directory. From here you can view all of our Gospel Communities and click to join one. This will email the Leader of that group and they will reach out to you with all of the details for that group. We can't wait to see you!