We believe the calling on every believer is to 'Go and make disciples of all nations' and we at ARCC are preparing and equipping each person in our community to be a disciple and make other disciples. Missions is not something we simply do, it's something we live. Each day, every interaction, everywhere we are is our mission.

On this page, you will find specific missions we support and opportunities for you to participate.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Active Missions

Foster / Adopt Ministry

ARCC desires to play a part in ending the foster crisis right here in Bexar County.  There are MANY ways to step into this space in order to live out the picture of the gospel as those adopted by our Good Father.

November 19 - Foster / Adopt Info Meeting
We will be having a Foster / Adopt Info Meeting for those who are interested in be a part of this mission.  It will be at 10:30 in the lobby next to the library.

Caseworker Kits
We are looking for donations in order to create kits that caseworkers can use with children brought into their care.  Below is a link to an amazon wish list.  We will be hosting a Caseworker Kit packing part at Julia Broadhurst's home on November 12.

1916 Artemis Path
San Antonio, TX 78245

Casa Hogar Niños de El Shadai


Casa Hogar Niños de El Shadai is an orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico where children are brought into a family to be loved and cared for in Jesus’ name. ARCC partnered with Aroldo Rios to start the Children’s Home in 2012 and have continued involvement through visiting and meeting needs.

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