Serve at ARCC

Fulfilling the mission to glorify God and make disciples happens as the members of the body serve the church. Below are some of the areas of service at ARCC.

Children's Ministry

Serving in our children's ministry is an opportunity to make disciples starting with our own kids.

If you would like to get involved in our children's ministry, being a helper in one of our children's classes on Sundays is a great opportunity to do just that. You will interact with and minister to the kids while providing support for the teachers as they give lessons. Helpers usually serve one week a month at one of the services in our rotation.

If you would be willing to lead out in one of our children's classes through the teaching of a weekly lesson on Sundays, being a teacher provides that opportunity. We use the Gospel Project curriculum, a resource that focuses on the overall message of Scripture as it journeys through the narrative. Teachers must be Covenant Members and typically serve for a month at a time each quarter during one of the services.

Serving at one of our Check-In stations on Sundays is a great way to get to know people and serve by helping our visitors and regulars check in their children. We use Planning Center software, a user-friendly software that makes the process fast, easy, and secure.


Serving as a greeter on Sundays is a great way to get to know our people. From welcoming members and visitors as they arrive to pointing them in the right direction, you will be helping our people feel welcome and get connected. Greeters begin 15 minutes before the service starts and greet until 10 minutes after the service begins.


We are always on the lookout for people with a heart to serve, come alongside, and pour into our students. If this is you, please, consider helping us as we seek to make disciples of the next generation. 

Worship Team

Vocals & Instruments
Our worship ministry is always looking for people who are skilled at their instruments and have a heart to lead our church in worship.

If you are a vocalist or musician that is a covenant member of ARCC and desire to join us we would invite you to go through an audition process to see if you are a fit for with our team. 


If you are interested in serving on Sundays in media, running slides is a great place to start. You play a role in the added engagement of our people by assisting the music, preaching, and content on Sundays. If you are interested, consider serving on our A/V team.

Setup & Teardown

Each week our setup team works hard to convert the hotel into a worship space. We begin at 5:30am and are normally done by 7. 
Tear Down
After our services each week, we break down and store our equipment on site. If you attend our last service, this is a great place to serve. Teardown begins after the last service ends and usually lasts 45 minutes.


The stories of our people are brought out through the flow of their unique narrative pieced together. Producers have a vision for the end result and craft that through the interview process, the directing of footage and content, and in post production. If you are interested in creating content in this way, consider joining our stories team.

Ready to serve?

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Once completed the Deacon for that ministry will reach out with more info on how to get involved. We look forward to serving with you.
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