Fulfilling the mission to glorify God and make disciples happens as the members of the body serve the church. If you are interested in serving, consider one of these areas:


Serving in our children's ministry is an opportunity to make disciples starting with our own kids.


If you would like to get involved in our children's ministry, being a helper in one of our children's classes on Sundays is a great opportunity to do just that. You will interact with and minister to the kids while providing support for the teachers as they give lessons. Helpers usually serve one week a month at one of the services in our rotation.


If you would be willing to lead out in one of our children's classes through the teaching of a weekly lesson on Sundays, being a teacher provides that opportunity. We use the Gospel Project curriculum, a resource that focuses on the overall message of Scripture as it journeys through the narrative. Teachers must be Covenant Members and typically serve for a month at a time each quarter during one of the services.


Serving at one of our Check-In stations on Sundays is a great way to get to know people and serve by helping our visitors and regulars check in their children. We use Planning Center software, a user-friendly software that makes the process fast, easy, and secure.


Our connect ministry helps our members and visitors get involved.


Serving as a greeter on Sundays is a great way to get to know our people. From welcoming members and visitors as they arrive to pointing them in the right direction, you will be helping our people feel welcome and get connected. Greeters begin 15 minutes before the service starts and greet until 10 minutes after the service begins.

Missional Communities

You can serve our Missional Communities by leading or hosting.


Leading a Missional Community is a great way to invest in our people through teaching, facilitating, and ministering to them. A Missional Community leader must be a Covenant Member and go through our MC Leader Training.


One great way to serve ARCC is by offering your home to host a Missional Community. If you have the gift of hospitality, consider volunteering your home to an MC.


Serving in our youth ministry is a great way to disciple students in their formative years.


Being a student mentor is one of the most valuable ways to invest in the life of a young person. Our students meet on Wednesdays, many weeks for breakout mentoring sessions, some weeks for events, and monthly for gatherings together.


Our prayer ministry serves our church by constantly lifting it up in prayer.

Prayer Requests

If you would like to serve by praying for the needs of our church body, you will be sent prayer requests on a regular basis of those in need and how you can pray for them.

Sunday Mornings

Our prayer team meets every Sunday morning during the 9:00 service to lift it up in prayer. During that time they not only pray for the service and those attending, but also pray for any requests that have come in.


Our worship team leads our people in worship by playing Christ-exalting music.


If you play an instrument such as electric or acoustic guitar, keys, drums, bass, or other, consider joining our worship team. If you are a musician and are a Covenant Member, consider going through our tryout process.


If you are vocally talented and are a Covenant Member, consider going through our tryout process. Opportunities are more limited on the vocal side, but if you are gifted in that area, we would love to have you consider trying out.

Our audio/visual team helps foster an environment for added engagement in our worship services.


Serving as a sound technician on Sundays brings together all of the elements of the service, from the music and the preaching to everything else. If you have run a sound board or are knowledgeable in audio production, consider serving on our A/V team.


If you have skills or are interested in learning more in video production, serving on Sundays is a great place to start. At our services, you will learn to operate a camera and produce a livestream. Video is not only becoming a more prevalent source for delivering the gospel, it also gives our people who are away a chance to still be part of our services.


Serving in lighting is a way for you to help foster an environment for worship for our people on Sundays. If you have experience with lighting or would like to learn, consider serving on our A/V team.


If you are interested in serving on Sundays in media, running slides is a great place to start. You play a role in the added engagement of our people by assisting the music, preaching, and content on Sundays. If you are interested, consider serving on our A/V team.


Our setup team preps Sundays by ensuring our space is ready for our services.


To prepare for our Sunday services, our setup team arrives between 5:30 & 8:00 am, depending on their area of service and they serve on a rotation. They are responsible for ensuring all the necessary equipment is set up and working before our services begin. Setup areas include: Indoor/Outdoor Signs, Band, A/V, Children's Classes & Check-In, etc.


After our services each week, we break down and store our equipment on site. If you attend our last service, this is a great place to serve. Teardown begins after the last service ends and usually lasts 45 minutes.


Our stories team captures the testimonies of our people and tells them through film, photography, and the written word.


If you have skills or are interested in producing video, our stories team is a great place to serve. From capturing interviews to shooting b-roll footage to editing, video can be the most powerful and inspiring way to tell the stories of our people.


If you are a photographer and are interested in capturing moments that tell the stories of our people, this is a great way to serve. If you have an eye for still images and can shoot and edit photos, consider joining our stories team.


If you are gifted in writing and fluent in the gospel, we would love for you to consider joining our stories team. Our people's stories are all unique, yet their redemptive narrative in light of the gospel weaves them together. If you have this passion, join our stories team.


The stories of our people are brought out through the flow of their unique narrative pieced together. Producers have a vision for the end result and craft that through the interview process, the directing of footage and content, and in post production. If you are interested in creating content in this way, consider joining our stories team.


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