The Priesthood

Aug 14, 2022    Michael McCracken

Jesus, the Son of God, has been in community from all eternity. We believe that He has been satisfied completely by and in and through the eternal presence of the Father and the Holy Spirit. When Jesus came to earth He did His ministry alongside others. He knew them and they knew Him. There is an important aspect of Christian discipleship that cannot happen outside of community. Living life in community is a large part of the process of “growing up into Christ” as Paul would put it to the Ephesian church. Jesus told His disciples that the world would know them by their love for one another. In Christ, we have a new identity bought and paid for by His blood. He calls us a priesthood unto the Lord. This being the case, we have the privilege of doing life with people uniquely gifted to present Jesus to us over and over again. The Apostle Paul gives wonderful vision for what this life with “one another” looks like and what it was meant to accomplish for God’s glory and our sanctification as those being conformed to the image of the Lord Jesus.